Insight LT Partners with Primal Pictures

Insight Learning Technology Partners with Primal Pictures and announces new Anatomy Learning and Assessment Modules, the only standalone interactive online adaptive learning solution available for medical trainees using the patented PALM system.

Insight Learning Technology announces that it is partnering with Primal Pictures, a division of Informa PLC, pioneer of the world’s most medically-accurate and detailed 3D model of human anatomy based on real scan data. The partnership combines Primal Pictures’ award-winning 3D anatomy with Insight’s patented perceptual and adaptive learning technologies to introduce a groundbreaking suite of online interactive Anatomy Learning and Assessment Modules. These modules were developed to address the skyrocketing level of essential anatomy knowledge required of medical, students, trainees and doctors in the past two decades.

The Anatomy Learning and Assessment Modules use Insight’s Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Module™ (PALM) approach, the only online training technology based on published, peer-reviewed research from highly respected cognitive scientists. PALMs adapt to the individual learner, accelerating pattern recognition, rapid mastery and strong retention of both facts and interpretations of clinically-relevant material, bridging the gap between knowledge-based understanding and experience-based performance. Along with the new Anatomy Learning and Assessment Modules, PALMs have helped medical and health care students, trainees and professionals develop deep understanding and automaticity with a variety of difficult subjects including cardiology, histopathology, obstetrics/gynecology, radiology and ultrasound.

The addition of the Anatomy Learning and Assessment Modules enhances Primal Pictures’ unrivalled highly-engaging 3D human anatomy solutions that have earned the company its reputation for excellence among the nearly 1,500 academic and clinical institutions that readily utilize Primal’s market-leading resources.

“Primal Pictures is pleased to partner with Insight Learning Technology and to offer unique computer-based Anatomy Learning and Assessment Modules to our customers,” said Pippa Chadfield, Head of Primal Pictures. “The addition of perceptual and adaptive learning modules, as either a stand-alone resource or to supplement Primal Pictures license, enhances Primal’s core offering and extends our brand into the emerging, innovative arena of adaptive learning. We look forward to a long, mutually rewarding partnership with ILT.”

About Insight Learning Technology

Insight Learning Technology, Inc. offers computer-based learning solutions developed from innovations in cognitive science research. Insight’s patented perceptual learning technology offers for the first time, systematic ways of accelerating pattern recognition skills. Insight’s patented adaptive learning technology optimizes the spacing and sequencing of interactive learning events to optimize each learner’s efficiency of learning, comprehensive mastery, and transfer. Insight’s technology also makes possible unprecedentedly rich assessment. Insight’s technologies have produced strong learning outcomes in university research funded by the US National Science Foundation and US Department of Education (ED). Insight has partnered with major corporations, the US Department of Defense (DoD), and US Dept. of Education, as well as having its technologies featured in the DoD-wide Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative. For more information on the Anatomy PALMs and other solutions from Insight Learning Technology, please contact:

About Primal Pictures

Primal Pictures offers the most complete, detailed and medically-accurate digital 3D model of human anatomy for health care students, educators, practitioners, researchers and industry. The company’s market-leading web-based 3D anatomy software solutions are widely adopted and used in nearly 1,500 academic and clinical institutions across the globe to enhance health care education and practice. Primal Pictures is a part of Informa PLC.

About Informa PLC

Informa operates at the heart of the Knowledge and Information Economy. It is one of the world’s leading business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge and events businesses. With more than 6,500 employees globally, it has a presence in all major geographies, including North America, South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.